Multifunctional Wireless Charger Alarm Clock Speaker APP Control

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Product Description:

1. Input voltage: 12V/2.5A

2. Wireless output: 5W-7.5W-10W-15W

3. LDE output: 10W

4. Bluetooth audio power: 3W

5. Material: ABS+PC

6. Product color: black, white, light gray

7. Lighting mode: 256 kinds

8. Transmission distance: 2-6mm

9. Charging efficiency: 75%

10. Working frequency: 100-205KHZ

11. Button battery capacity: 40mAh

Net weight: 466g

Gross weight: 695g

Product size: 225*82*230mm

Packing size: 227*86*240mm

Function introduction: sleep light, sunrise wake-up light, ambient light, bedside light, colorful light effect, Bluetooth audio, clock, alarm clock, 15W wireless charging

Click the light bulb button to switch 10 light color modes (solid color, two-color horse racing, three-color horse racing, seven-color marquee mode), and the remaining 256 modes and 16 million light colors can be adjusted by linking the APP.

Επιπλέον πληροφορίες

Primary Colour

black, white


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