Retro Mini Vinyl Records Wireless Bluetooth Speakers

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Product selling point

1. Simulate the real tape to rotate at a constant speed, full of ritual;
2. Aroma diffuser, interweaving charming atmosphere;
3. The rhythmic light beats with the rhythm of the music;
4. Warm atmosphere lights, accompany you all night;
5. Professional tuner tuning, better sound quality, square and classic appearance, high value, suitable for personal use as gifts, corporate gift customization

Product parameters:
Playing time: about 10 hours
Material: plastic + aluminum alloy
Power supply: USB
Packing list: product + manual + data cable
Whether there is a radio function: yes
Speaker adjustment method: button
Appearance size: 112.4*105*57mm


Product Operation Instructions:
1. On/Off key: long press for 2-3 seconds to turn off/off (left 1 key)
2. Previous/Next button Click the previous song, click the next song* (Left 2/Left 3)
3. Volume adjustment key: slide left and right to adjust the volume
4. Mode key: click to switch playback mode, support BT mode/TF card mode/audio cable mode (left 4 buttons)
5. Lamp button: click to change the audio lighting mode (left 5 button)
6. BT pairing: After turning on the device, turn the mode key to BT mode, open the mobile phone BT search, click the BT pairing name: Round-X20, click to connect



Charging Cable*1
Instruction Manual*1
Audio Cable*1


Επιπλέον πληροφορίες

Primary Colour

White, Pink, Green


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